Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It was a 'twofer' in the trap on Monday. Bert, shown here, was in the trap with his brother Bernie. Bernie had been previously TNRed last week so I'm not sure who led who into the trap but Fancy Feast Seafood canned food once again worked it's magic. Also trapped a very large male tom cat. Obviously a female in the area bringing all these boys around.

It looks like I still have 10-15 more cats at this location to TNR. 13 done so far! Thank you San Mateo County feral cat voucher program. There's no way I could pay for all these spay/neuters. (I just paid my license fees for my cats; animal license fees help fund the voucher program.)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hurray! Two more cats trapped at SSF location. Now just 20 or so more to go :-) Seriously.

When I dropped them off at 9Lives this morning for spay/neuter, I got a new photo of Bean and Jeremy. They're enjoying their new home. Dr. Thomas thinks they are siblings and I did trap them both at the same location. Happy to see them reunited and in a home together. They like to snuggle cheek-to-cheek :-)