Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alice got adopted!

Fostering kittens is a lot of work and does take time, but is VERY rewarding. One of my foster babies was adopted yesterday and while I'm sad, I'm so pleased she'll now get even more attention and love in her new home.

Homeless kitten fostering tips:
  • Kittens should be kept with mom cat whenever possible if they haven't been weaned or are still very small. (She'll keep them clean, teach them how to use the litter box, and be a huge help in keeping them healthy.
Gertrude is the grandmother of these kittens. I trapped her first and while she had little milk left from her last litter of kittens, she was a huge help keeping her 7 grand babies alive. It took me several days to trap these kitten's actual mom. Haley, the mom cat, was spayed, vaccinated and returned to a managed colony. Gertrude continued in her maternal role for 2 1/2 months until these kittens were old enough for spay/neuter and eventual adoption.
  • Purchase or borrow a large dog crate for kittens to live in. A bathroom will also work. Surprisingly, after living in the wide outdoors, these little guys will feel safer and be more relaxed in a small, confined space. If using a kennel in a room, I cover the kennel with sheets for the first few days. 
  • You will need a small litter box that has low enough sides for these little guys to get into.
  • Water and food dishes. I like Royal Canin kitten dried and wet food. It is expensive but I've seen great results when I have malnourished kittens. If you can't afford this, Fancy Feast does great canned food that's made here in the U.S.
  • Dawn dish soap for bathing the kittens to rid them of flea and lice. Also talk to your vet about proper dosage of Frontline if the kittens have lice. I know it sounds gross, but lice will go after kittens who are struggling. 
  • I'm not a vet. Consult with your vet and also visit 
  • Caro syrup and and eye dropper is case of emergency and one of them stops eating. If their electrolytes fall to fast it can be fatal for these little guys. Call your vet and get to a vet pronto.
  • Ally Cat Allies  provides a wealth of information and tips to also help you.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Finding homes for kittens can be really stressful


I focus on trapping which is where I fell I can have the biggest impact on the quality of life for homeless cats as well as a positive environmental impact by stabilizing and then reducing the homeless cat population. 

Kittens turn-up no matter how proactive I am because people are dumping their pets. It's very frustrating and criminal to say nothing of putting these cats at the mercy of street life. It truly is horrible.

As a small organization without a lot of resources finding homes to socialize kittens and than people to adopt them is always stressful for me. The clock is ticking and kittens are easier although still difficult to find homes for.

These three fur balls are ready for a new home now.