Friday, January 31, 2014

Move'n On Up...

...And into a palatial home in the south bay. Otter was dumped in Foster City almost 7 years ago and has been 'camping' outside ever since and living with a colony of homeless cats. 

It took me almost 4 years to trap him and when I finally did, we found he was already neutered. Don't know what happened to his humans and he was very skittish until about a year ago. 

Thanks to the time and love from volunteers and their daily attention, Otter has gotten to the point where he wants to be petted and can be held and picked up. Last Friday, with the help of a volunteer who picked him up and put him into a carrier, I whisked him off to the vet. He's had persistent eye trouble plus was limping.

Dr. Rutiger at Nine Lives Foundation worked her magic not only identifying his eye condition and performing surgery, but has also found a home for Otter. Well, it's a foster home with the option to keep him. Otter is such a total love muffin, it's impossible to think he won't win his new humans over in short time. He won my heart in the weekend he spent with me!

This is just another storey where a homeless cat in a managed colony has found a permanent home. Initially, too freaked out to be adopted, but thanks to the love and consistency of volunteers feeding and being with these fur balls has built and won their trust in other humans.

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